Chu River and Han Border World King of XiangQi Tournament Intro

The Chu River Han Border World King of Xiangqi Tournament is a biannual invitational tournament co-organized by the World Xiangqi Federation and Xingyang City, Henan Province, China. Xingyang is the location of the Chu River and Han Border (Hong Canal) and boasts of the Cradle of Xiangqi Culture.  The tournament started in 2016 and was also held in 2018. Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, the 2020 event was called off.
The two players eligible for the tournament are the winner of the World Xiangqi Championship and the Chinese Xiangqi Individual Men's Champion one year earlier.  The two players will square off for one game with the winner taking home a prize money of one million RMB. His opponent will also receive three hundred thousand RMB. The winners for the first and second tournament are Zheng Weitong and Wang Tianyi both from China.



第二名/2nd Place


中国 郑惟桐/ China Zheng Weitong

中国 谢靖 / China Xie Jing


中国 王天一 / China Wang Tianyi

中国 徐超 / China Xu Chao