Regulation of 18th World Xiangqi Championships

I. Organizer: World Xiangqi Federation


II. Host: Houston Xiangqi Association, Houston Sports Authority


III. Co-organizer: American Xiangqi Association


IV. Date and Venue

The event will be held at Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria on November 19 – 25, 2023 (2222 West Loop South, Houston, Texas 77027). Registration and check in begins on November 18 and 19 and departure on November 26.


V. Competition Events

a. Men: Men's Team, Men's Individual
b. Women: Women's Team, Women's Individual


VI. Qualifications

a. Each participating team approved by WXF may register 1 team leader, 1 coach, 2 male players, 2 female players, no limit to the number of non-Chinese, non-Vietnamese players. All players should apply to the regulation of WXF Credential Regulation.


VII. Competition Methods

a. The World Xiangqi Rules apply.
b. Time control: 60 minutes base time +30 seconds increment per move. If a player's time expires, he or she loses the game.
c. 9 rounds of Swiss System for Men's Individual. The top 2 players after the 8th round will enter the final, while all other players will play the 9th round of Swiss System. The methods for the champion and runner-up finals will be detailed in the supplementary rules.
d. The competition system and rounds of Women's Individual will be determined by the number of players.


VIII. Ranking Determinations

a. Team event: The results of Men’s Team and Women’s Team are calculated according to the individual rankings of the two players in the same team; the team with a lower sum of ranking points will be ranked higher; if they are the same, the tie breaker is the best individual ranking. Teams with less than 2 players will not be ranked.

b. Individual event:

i. If the men's group has equal points, it will be distinguished in the following order: the player with the highest opponent score (also called Sonneborn–Berger score); the winner of the direct match; the player with the most wins; the player with the most wins playing black; the player who has more games playing black; the player who has higher Score of the Strongest Opponent; and the player who has fewer technical fouls. If still unable to distinguish, compare the results (rankings) of the previous round.

ii. Women’s group, please refer to the supplementary rules.


IX. Award Methods

a. Men’s Individual: the top 8 are awarded, with the top 3 receiving trophies, and the top 8 receiving certificates and prize.
b. Men’s Team: the top 8 are awarded, with the top 3 receiving trophies, and the top 8 receiving certificates.
c. Women’s Individual: the top 8 are awarded, top 3 receiving trophies, ranks 1-6 receiving certificates and prize, and rank 7-8 receiving certificates.
d. Women’s Team: the top 6 are awarded, top 3 receiving trophies, and the top 6 receiving certificates.
e. If there are less than 6 participants in any groups, the awarded ranking is N-l (N is the number of participants).
f. Players can apply their title to WXF through their associations according to the latest "World Xiangqi Federation Technical Grade Standard". 


X. Prize Money (USD)


XI. Registration

a. All associations are required to submit (via email) the registration form stamped with the association seal, 2-inch color electronic photos of all team members (photo file name: name of member) and flight information to WXF Secretariat and the organizing committee by September 30, 2023.

Remarks: Players should have the nationality (household registration) or permanent residence of the country (region) to which the member (associate member) belongs, and hold valid work visa or student visa for more than three years (including).

b. Contacts:

i. WXF Secretariat: Dong Anqi,

Tel: +86-10-87559138, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ii. Organizing Committee:

Yushan Hu, Tel: +1-713-2069238,
James Shu, Tel: +1-713-5620606
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   


XII. Reception

a. Each team shall bear their own expenses to cover travel, board and lodging.
b. Board and Lodging will be arranged at Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria (2222 West Loop South, Houston, Texas 77027).
c. Cost (including three meals and hotel room and all applicable taxes or charges) for team leaders, coaches, players, companions:
i. Single occupancy: US$ 255/person/day
ii. Double occupancy: US$180/person/day.
d. The Organizing Committee arranges meals and lodging at Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria (Royal Sonesta Hotel Houston) for dinner on November 19 and for breakfast on November 26. If you need to arrive early or leave late, the Organizing Committee will make other arrangements.


XIII.  Transportation

The Organizing Committee will arrange pick-up at Houston George Bush International Airport (IAH/Bush Intercontinental Airport, not Hobby Airport) on November 18th and 19th. Please contact the Organizing Committee if needed. If you arrive at other times or other airports, please make your own arrangements.


XIV.   Others

a.Opening and closing ceremony: Men are required to wear formal dress (suit, pants, shirt, tie and leather shoes) or internationally recognized national costume of each country/region. Women are required to wear suit or dress.
b.Players should wear formal attire or uniform of each team during the tournament.
c.Those who are not dressed as required or properly are prohibited from participating in the opening and closing ceremonies and the tournament.
d.Each team is required to purchase their own travel insurance (including medical insurance) during the event.


XV.Matters not covered in this regulation will be notified separately.


XVI.The secretariat of WXF reserves the right to interpret this regulation.