Finnish Xiangqi Association

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The Finnish Xiangqi Association was established in 1992 and is an important member of the European Xiangqi Federation. The current Chairman of the association is Mikko Törnqvist, whose Chinese name is Deng Minggao. He is proficient in Chinese and has a soft spot for Chinese culture. The Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General are Yang Chi. The Finnish Xiangqi Association is dominated by native Finns, with dozens of Finnish fans. At present, Chinese chess has taken root in this Nordic country. The Finnish association often sends Xiangqi players to participate in Xiangqi competitions worldwide, including famous non-Chinese players such as Mikko Törnqvist, Olavi Stenman, and Jouni Rämö.

The association regularly hosts the Finnish Xiangqi Championship and the Helsinki Xiangqi Open, and in 2016 hosted the second World Xiangqi Open. The association cooperates closely with the Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki to organize Xiangqi promotion activities.


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