Deutscher Xiangqi-Bund (DXB)


Deutscher Xiangqi-Bund LogoThe sinologist Rainer Schmidt registered the earliest German Xiangqi Association in Berlin in 1985. In 1989, Frischmuth Uwe and Dr. Michael Naegler founded the club "Hamburg Chinese Chess Federation 1989". In 1992 the German Xiangqi Association (Deutscher Xiangqi-Bund, abbreviated DXB) was founded nationally, with its current President being Dr. Michael Naegler. He is also Executive President of the European Xiangqi Federation, titled with International Master with the best result of the 2nd place of Non-Chinese-Non- Vietnamese Category of the World Xiangqi Championship. There are about 120 registered members, 80% of whom are Germans.

Since 1992, the German Xiangqi Association has organized regular national tournaments every year. In 1993 the World Xiangqi Federation was founded in Beijing, and the German Xiangqi Association was one of the founding members. Germany also has the largest number of players in the World Championships.

In addition to the outstanding NCNV players such as Michael Naegler and Lucas Gitter (who won fourth place in the NCNV category in the World Championship), Germany has also seen many top Chinese players, which are represented by the "Three Musketeers of Rhine."

Among them are Xue Handi (fourth place twice in World Championships and three times European Champions), Pu Fangyao (fifth in the World Championship and long-time number one in the European rating), and Xue Zhong (tenth in the World Championship and fourth in the World Mind Sport Elite Game). As the head coach of the German Xiangqi team, Xue Zhong is also the Deputy Secretary-General of the World Xiangqi Federation and the Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of the European Xiangqi Federation. Since moving to Munich, Germany, in 2006, Xue Zhong has spared no effort to promote Xiangqi in Germany and Europe; this is why he has the reputation of being an ambassador for the promotion of Xiangqi overseas.

In recent years, the German Xiangqi Association has organized various world-class Xiangqi tournaments, including the 1st World Xiangqi Open in Berlin 2014, the 6th Huaiyin Hanxin Cup in Hamburg 2014, the 14th World Xiangqi Championship in Munich 2015, the 1st World Xiangqi Youth Championship in Hamburg 2016.


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DXB Members, Photo by Mr. Xue Zhong