Federazione Italiana Xiangqi

2018 Milan EXC. Courtesy of Ms. He Xuemei


Federazione Italiana Xiangqi (FIX)


The Federazione Italiana Xiangqi (FIX) was founded in the 1990s by its Founding President, Agostino Guberti. He is the husband of Lin Ye, the woman's world Xiangqi champion.

Lin Ye, a grandmaster who won the Chinese national women's championship, moved to Italy and became the only European world champion at the 1997 World Championship. She was awarded the highest ranking in the World Xiangqi Federation, International Grandmaster. She is also the first International Grandmaster in the history of European Xiangqi.

The Federazione Italiana Xiangqi, with several famous European players, has hosted the European Xiangqi Championship four times.

The Secretary-General, Fang Yi, a Xiangqi Federation Master with Wenzhou origin, had joined the Chinese Navy to serve in the East China Sea Fleet and immigrated to Naples, Italy, after retiring from military service. He is a well-known patriotic Chinese businessman. When the Covid-19 epidemic broke out in China in 2020, he had organized Chinese businessmen in southern Italy to donate masks and other epidemic prevention materials to Wuhan. He was honored by the Wenzhou Municipal People's Government and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.

As the endpoint of the ancient Silk Road, Italy responds to the Chinese "Belt and Road Initiative" actively. However, the Federazione Italiana Xiangqi enhances the Sino-Italian ties with the media of Xiangqi continuously. 


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2018 Milan EXC. Photgraphy by Ms. He Xuemei 何雪梅