Association de Xiangqi en France


The Association de Xiangqi en France was established in the late 1980s, and its founding president, Kim Laurent, is also the Honorary Life Chairman of the World Xiangqi Federation. In 2005, he sponsored the 9th World Xiangqi Championship in Paris, which made the World Championships enter the European continent for the first time. In 1984, European Xiangqi enthusiasts gathered together in Paris, and the first European Xiangqi Championship was born. In the end, Taing Hao Yen, a player from France, came out on top and won the first European championship. Since then, the European Xiangqi Championship has become a regular opportunity for European Xiangqi players to meet and communicate every year. It also drives the development of Xiangqi in various European countries.

Kim Laurent is a celebrity in the local Chinese community in France, and he is also a leader in the development of local Xiangqi. Under his leadership, France became a vital force in the development of Xiangqi in Europe. Indeed, Paris, France, has hosted five of the first six European Championships and a total of eight European Championships individual competitions. At the same time, the strength of French Xiangqi players was also at the top level in Europe at that time. The first ten European Champions from the first ten European Championships were French players. So far, Vietnamese origin Xiangqi player Dang Nicolas has won the European champions eight times, becoming the most successful player in Europe. In addition to Taing Hao Yen and Dang Nicolas, four French players, Lim Sambat, Ear Har, Hua Say Ty, and Woo Wei Cheung, have won European champions.  

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