Chinese Xiangqi Association


The Chinese Xiangqi Association, founded in 1962, is a national, professional and non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by units and individuals engaged in Xiangqi, and a unit member of the all-China Sports Federation. The purpose of the Chinese Xiangqi Association is to unite enthusiasts and practitioners across the country to extensively carry out Xiangqi activities and popularize and improve the level of Xiangqi. Through the sport of Xiangqi, we can carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, promote the progress of social civilization and the all-round development of human beings, optimize the allocation of social resources, mobilize social forces, vigorously develop the Xiangqi cause, serve Xiangqi fans across the country, promote Xiangqi worldwide, and promote the friendship between the people of China and other countries and regions. As of 2022, CXA has 223 member units.
Current Chairman: Mr. Zhu Guoping


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