Philippine Xiang Qi Federation


The Philippine Xiang Qi Federation was established in 1948 with the initial name "Philippine Overseas Chinese Xiang Qi Association", and was renamed "Philippine Xiang Qi Federation" with the pace of the times. It has been 73 years since the establishment of the Xiangqi Club. During these long years, it has been able to thrive and consolidate its foundation. The clubhouse was purchased in 2012. It all depends on the support of the past presidents and colleagues, sincere solidarity, money and dedication, and enthusiastic care of the social sages of the federation. The main purpose of the federation is to promote Xiangqi in the Philippines by organizing tournaments and participating in international events. We hope to cultivate the younger generation's interest and hobby of Xiangqi through competition. The federation organizes national competitions every year to promote competition among Xiangqi players to achieve the goal of pursuing Xiangqi skill progress. Our federation also send teams to participate in various international invitational tournaments and competitions every year, with special emphasis on the games hosted by the World Xiangqi Federation and the Asian Xiangqi Federation.

Current Chairman: Mr. Charles Chua


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