Japan Xiangqi Association


In Japan a xiangqi tournament was held by overseas Chinese around1958. The famous Japanese shogi legend, Oyama Yasuharu He considered xiangqi to be international and needed a unified xiangqi organization of Japan. He founded the Japan-China Xiangqi Association in 1973. The Japan Xiangqi Championship has been held every year since 1974.
In 1991, the association changed its name to "Japan Xiangqi
Association" and elected Mr. Yoshiro Togawa as the president of the association through a democratic election. It decided to apply for membership in the Asia Xiangqi Federation at the general meeting. Japan's membership was approved at the general meeting of the Asia Xiangqi Federation in 1992. The Japan Xiangqi Association attended the inaugural meeting of the World Xiangqi Federation in 1993.
Xiangqi is a Chinese treasure and now an international sport. It is
the mission of the Japanese Xiangqi Association to spread xiangqi in Japan and to make it international.

Current President: Nakamura Chizuru


Website: www.xiangqi-japan.com
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