Macau Xiangqi General Association Intro


The Macau Xiangqi General Association was established in the 1980s and currently has more than 20 members. The purpose of the association is to strengthen the unity of the chess community and to promote and popularize the development of the Xiangqi game. The Macau Xiangqi General Assoication holds a number of regular competitions every year, and also sends representative teams to participate in high-level competitions in Asia and the world, and has achieved certain results over the years. In recent years, the Association has been committed to cultivating young chess players. In addition to open selections, it has also opened interest classes in schools and clubs to attract more young people to participate; it has also organized training teams for chess players to exchange and train in other places to reserve talents and lay the foundation. There are currently more than 200 active players.
President: Ho Kevin King Lun  
Chairman: Sin Chiyoung


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