Myanmar Xiangqi Committee

Myanmar Xiangqi Association was established in 1990. Its original name was Xiangqi Association in northern Myanmar, and was renamed Myanmar Xiangqi Association after joining the World Xiangqi Federation and Asian Xiangqi Federation.

Xiangqi cctivities in Myanmar are mainly concentrated in Mandalay, Lashio and Yangon.

The main Competitions held by the Association are Confrontation Competition, Elite Competition, King of Xiangqi Competition , Open Championships, Spring Festival Competition, Lantern  Festival  Championships, Inter-school Competition and so on .

In 1997, the association was invited to send a team to the 5th World Xiangqi Championship held in Hong Kong for the first time and the 10th Chunlan Cup , Asian Xiangqi Championship held in Taizhou, China in 1998. And then, it has sent teams almost every year and participated in various international competitions. 

The association has one International Grand Master : Mr. Jiang Qing Min, one International Master : Mr. Huang Bi Fu and ten members of Myanmar Association Masters respectively. They are Mr. Yang Jin Xian , Mr. Yang Ming , Mr. Duan Pei Chao , Mr. Jiang Qing Min , Mr. Yang Zheng Shuang , Mr. Huang Bi Fu, Mr. Chen Rong Sheng, Mr. Yang Cong Tang, Mr. Zhao Sheng Mao (deceased) and Mr. Liu Si Qi (deceased). Members of association who are Myanmar citizen who loves Xiangqi are accepted as the member of the association in principle. At present, although there are many Xiangqi players, there are few talented players. In order to improve skills and popularize Xiangqi, it is necessary to always have a beginner’s mindset and there is still a long way to go.


Presidents and tenure from 1990 – 2022

  • The First President     Mr. Li Bao Liang  (1990 – 1997) 
  • The Second President     Mr. Xiong Wen Can (1998 – 2001) 
  • The Third President     Mr. U Soe Myint (2002 – 2009) 
  • The Fourth President     Mr. U Hla Win  (2010 – 2017) 
  • The Fifth President     Mr. U Soe Myint  ( 2018 – 2025) 


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