Xiangqi Association of Thailand

1987: The Xiangqi Association of Thailand was officially established on March 18 with the approval of the Thai government. Thereafter it became a legal organization in Thailand. Mr. Chen Si Fei, President of the first official term since establishment of the association, is a lifelong fan of Chinese culture and owns very deep understanding of Xiangqi. He has represented the Thai Xiangqi team many times and has been awarded the titles of "International Arbiter" and "International Master" by the Asian Xiangqi Federation.

2012: Owing to the efforts of the past presidents, Mr. Chen Si Fei was selected as the new president of Xiangqi Association of Thailand once again. Thanks to the hard work of Mr. Chen Si Fei, he applied to the Thai government to make Xiangqi an official sport in Thailand. In the same year, Xiangqi became one of the official sports approved by the Ministry of Sports of Thailand.

2022: President Chen Si Fei took the responsibility to promote the Chinese Quintessence, to cultivate outstanding Xiangqi players, to unite Xiangqi enthusiasts, to strengthen the connection between them, and to promote the Xiangqi sport so as to improve the Xiangqi techniques, he promoted Xiangqi to schools, and held the "Princess Patten Sirindhorn Cup" Xiangqi Youth Open every year.

Current President: Chen Si Fei


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