Chinese Taipei Xiangqi Association (CTXA) Intro

Our association was founded in 1983, and its registration place is in Taipei City. There are three branches in our association. The number of members includes group members, individual members, and reserve members.

The main duties are as follows:

1. CTXA hosted Xiangqi events and international Xiangqi events.
2. Selection of competitions and training for participating in international Xiangqi events.
3. Reviewing and recommending Xiangqi teams not from Chinese Taipei to take part in international Xiangqi events.
4. Inviting and arranging foreign Xiangqi teams and competitions.
5. Review qualifications and recommend Xiangqi referees.
6. Reviewing referees, coaches, and players.
7. Compiling and executing the rules of Xiangqi and explaining them.

Chairwoman: SHUEH CHIA YUN


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